A little update

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I haven't really had much to say lately, its been all work and no play until last week where we spent a whole week doing just family things. Me and Andy had a well deserved week off work together. This gave me the much needed time to re-motivate myself. I spent the week doing all the things I had put off doing for so long! I managed to change my address on (most of) the places it needed doing. I had a huge clearout of junk from some unopened boxes. We finally got round to sorting someone to come and fit a TV arial as we've been watching just DVDs for five weeks now which is driving me crazy! I've got the majority of my shopping done for both Christmas and Gracie's birthday.


We didn't only do boring things. We had a trip to Toys R Us just to play with all the toys! I used to love doing that as a kid and the kids thought it was great fun. I found ideas of what people could buy them and they had a whale of a time. Gracie learnt to ride a bike which was great as thats her main christmas present. I couldn't believe she managed to do it straight away. She had a ride in a cute Volkswagen Beetle convertable and chose a dolls pram for her birthday to replace the small walk along one she got for her 1st birthday. In fact she decided she wanted almost everything in the shop (she may be very disappointed when Santa comes!). I found a few cute toys for Zach too and was very excited to find both Gracie's dolls pram and two toys for him later that night much cheaper on Amazon! 

We've also started decorating Gracie's new bedroom which I have been so excited about doing since we moved in so it just had to be our first project. In fact I have a big surprise to reveal very soon about the house, I can't wait to tell you all!!

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