My Baby Is Nearly One!

Friday, September 06, 2013

I can not believe how fast the last year has gone! I look at Zach now and still see a baby. To me he doesnt look like a nearly one year old. I don't remember Gracie seeming so babyish at that age but I have a feeling I may be clinging on to the idea of Zach still being my baby whilst his big sister grows more and more independent.

Anyway enough of the moping! It's a time to celebrate. I need to plan something. So far we are taking him to the sealife centre in the morning for a few hours and hoping to have a party at home for him over his birthday weekend. I have two weeks to plot away and come up with some exciting plans and PRESENTS!

What do you buy a one year old boy? My house already looks like an abandoned toy shop with toys around every corner. I am looking for inspiration.

What was the best gift your child ever received? What toys do you feel are great value for money?

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  1. I think they get the most out of taking them to places at that age and letting them see new things so I'm sure he'll love the sea life centre. Those toys where they have to push levers and turn handles to pop up characters or animals always seem to go down well. Good luck, hope you have a lovely time x

    1. yeah I hope he does enjoy it we took his sister at a similar age and she loved it! I've bought him a few different inexpensive toys to see what he likes and some nice clothes I've tried not to go over the top with the spending. Thanks for your comment