Review: Macmillan Books: Wake Up Do Lydia Lou!

Monday, August 26, 2013

We are big fans of Julia Donaldson in our house and have been ever since the first time we read The Gruffalo. We were sent out her latest book 'Wake up do Lydia Lou' by the lovely people at Macmillan books to see what Gracie thinks of it. Wake Up Do Lydia Lou is about a little girl who is sleeping and a ghost is trying to wake her up. When the ghost can't wake Lydia Lou up he gets some help from some friends to make lots of noise to try and wake her up.

To be perfectly honest the first time I read the book to Gracie I didn't love it. She listened to me reading it like she does every other book. It was then a few days later that we picked it up again and she began to remember the words to bits that by the end of it I realised it had just clicked. I think as we were such big fans of The Gruffalo I didn't give the book the chance to wow me. Now that it has clicked and it's all of a sudden grown on us, we are really enjoying reading the book most nights. Gracie remembers most of the animals noises and has learnt some that she never knew before. She also loves to repeat the line 'Wake up do Lydia Lou, wake from your dream and scream'

Gracie loves the pictures in the story she thinks they are funny and I think they go perfectly with the story. The illustrations are by Karen George, who also did the illustrations for Julia Donaldson's 'Freddie and the Fairy'.

Wake Up Do Lydia Lou is a brilliantly written, easy read for children and great for getting them involved in bedtime reading. I would definitely recommend this as a book for young children learning to read and recognise words.

You can read more about the book along with lots of other fantastic books on the website HERE.

we were sent the book featured free of charge for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are my own.

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  1. I love JD books too but I think quite a few of them are "growers" - What the Ladybird Heard is a perfect example of that!
    I've never been keen on Stick Man but the kids love it! She knows what she's doing that's for sure!
    The Gruffalo is always going to be an especially hard act to follow!

  2. We too are Huge Julia D fans here and have all of the books - the stories come to life when our kids remember the words and join in

  3. Sounds like a different kind of story for sure, we too love Julia Donaldson books, will look out for this as I am intrigued a book about ghosts trying to wake children up, just hope it doesn't play on their imaginations and give them bad dreams x