Maxi Cosi Loola: Final Thoughts

Monday, August 12, 2013

As you may have seen in previous posts we have been reviewing the new improved Maxi Cosi Loola in our role as Maxi Cosi reporters.

First of all we unpacked the pushchair in our Loola unpacking party. It was easy to put together with only a few pieces to slot together and a clear instruction manual to guide me through the steps.

I love how it can be used in both forward facing and parent facing positions and Zach loves both. He loves to forward face at the park so he can see what's going on and he loves parent facing on shopping trips or long walks so he can chatter away at whoever is pushing him! It can also be used with selected carseats with maxi Cosi adapters, Zach has a cabriofix carseat and it slots in easy and is so convenient when popping out quickly so you can avoid carrying the carseat around. The Loola can fold with the seat unit attached in both forward facing and parent facing modes which I thought would be a problem as it is with many parent facing prams. It folds up to a lovely small size that fits in our small boot perfectly almost similar in size to a small stroller rather than a pushchair.

One of the problems I have heard about the previous Loola model is that it was difficult to get up curbs and felt quite heavy to lift. Although this is going by reading past reviews and asking friends who have experienced the older Loola pushchairs, I haven't actually tried one myself, I can happily say I have had no problems lifting up curbs in fact I find it very easy to handle in all situations. We've taken it to different spots across our city, a country walk the other side of town, lots of trips to local country parks and even a trip to the seaside. We've also used different forms of transportation using the Loola, we use it in the car regularly, I use the bus alot to travel into town and we took it on a train for a shopping trip to Birmingham. All of which I found it easy to use, easy to lift up onto buses and trains and easily fits in pushchair spaces and best of all the brakes work perfectly. They are the best brakes I've ever had on a pushchair actually.

I've found the new Loola to be almost perfect and it certainly the pushchair that really suits our lifestyle. The only improvement I would suggest is that the hood be improved as the little panel that you can see through, although handy when wanting to check on them, I've found when the sun is bright it can shine right in Zach's eyes. I have to place a blanket or jacket over the panel to avoid the glare which is easy enough but something I felt should be pointed out. Apart from that I can genuinely say I love the new Loola and I'll be using it as our main pushchair now as it is exactly what we need for getting around a busy city!

You can find out more about the new Loola and where to buy from at

We were sent the Maxi Cosi Loola free of charge for the purpose of our reviews. All views and opinions are my own.

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