Lin & Leo Challenge Four: Sum It Up

Monday, August 05, 2013

I am so sad that our time as Lin & Leo official testers is almost over. It has been great working with them. I really genuinely love my BabyBag thank goodness I get to keep it. The BabyBag is an amazing product and I am so glad I was given the opportunity to test it out. Now as you may have seen my other challenges, there was the family day out challenge where we got to see how it would cope with a whole days worth of essentials for all the family, the style it up challenge where we got to show it off with our favourite outfits and the me time challenge where we proved it was not just a BabyBag. As much fun as the other challenges one I feel this is the most important, this is where I give you my honest opinion on the bag as a whole so that if you choose to buy, you know what you are letting yourself in for! So here are my final thoughts on the BabyBag...


Of course the bag itself looks more like a luxury handbag rather than a baby changing bag. This is one of my favourite things about the bag. It compliments any outfit whether your a stylish mummy or someone who chucks on whatever you find in the morning, I would say I am in the latter there! Ocassionally I dress up if I'm going somewhere nice but most mornings I stick on a pair of leggings and an old top if I'm lucky enough to get dressed. Even when I feel like I look awful the bag gives me a slight lift. You don't need to be the perfect yummy mummy to enjoy a beautiful bag.I also love that it has a removable shoulder strap to use if you choose to. It comes in so handy to hang on the pushchair if you either haven't got or have forgotten your buggy clips. Even the inside of the bag is stylish with the beautiful luxury lining and the matching foldable change mat. I find the bag looks great with any colour pushchair, I have a black one, a red one and a purple one I've tested it with and the colour doesnt clash with any! Plus of course you could choose from any of the other colours in the range.

Obviously this is the most important bit. I have a toddler (2.5 years) and a baby (10 months) so we need to take a lot of essentials out with us everywhere we go. We always need nappies for both, wipes, change of clothes for the little one, a bottle, juice, snacks, toys, teethers and all sorts of other non essential objects seem to make their way inside at some point! I then tend to store all my stuff in there to save taking two bags out so often have; purse, keys, phone, camera and diary lurking in there somewhere. Now this is everyday stuff to me whether I go out for a few hours or all day I still take all of that stuff out, you can never be too prepared. The bag has inside pockets made with thick material making them feel cushioned and adds to the luxury. The pockets also make you feel like your items are being stored more securely too I tend to keep valuables in the pockets so I always know where they are without the need to rummage through everything constantly. There are also two bottle holder pockets one I use for a bottle, the other I store my business cards and a pen. Even with all the stuff I carry there is always extra room in the bag.

One of my favourite things is that once the kids are older and don't need as much I will still feel comfortable carrying around the BabyBag as a handbag although it is big a woman can always fill a handbag no problem and I never find it is too big when popping out alone. If I ever do feel I need to put it away for a little while it comes with a woven jacquard dust bag to keep it clean and safe when not in use.

There is only one possible improvement I can think of for the bag and that would be too add insulation into at least one of the bottle pockets to keep a bottle warm for a small baby. Apart from that I can't fault the bag. It has a larger than average price tag but it is fantastic value for money and I would definitely recommend to any expectant mothers looking for a nice luxury bag that is going to last for as long as you want it to. I wish that I had bought one back when Gracie was a baby rather than waste my money on cheap ones that look tatty after a few months.

The bag is available now in Red, Turquoise, Tan and Black and is also available to preorder in two new colours Chocolate Brown and the Limited edition Royal Blue to celebrate the birth of  William and Kates beautiful baby boy. All the bags cost £175 plus delivery and are available at

We were sent the BabyBag free if charge for the purpose of our reviews. All views and opinions are my own.

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