A Rare Date Night: Jimmy Carr Live

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Last Saturday Me and Andy went out together with no children for the first time this year. It was really strange saying bye to the kids and leaving them with someone other than their Daddy. We managed to rope my mum into watching them for a few hours while we went to watch a comedy show. We had bought the tickets way back in 2011 and actually almost turned up last year thanks to Andy misreading the dates luckily before getting a babysitter I checked the dates on the tickets to find we had to wait a whole year for the show! 

The show we went to see was Jimmy Carr: Gagging Order. I know Jimmy Carr is a pretty controversial comedian but he is one of my all time favourites. Before having kids I used to go to lots of comedy gigs at the Warwick arts centre and have watched and met many great comedians but I had never had the chance to see Jimmy live. First of all I was glad to be going to a comedy show as it meant we wouldn't have to think of non parent conversation and didn't want to go on a rare date and talk non stop about the kids for once. Luckily we got to just sit and watch and laugh. Something that just feels so normal of course I still had the usual worries, what if the kids are being naughty? what if my mum can't cope? luckily they were good as gold and slept the whole time we were gone.

The actual show was fantastic, I love Jimmy's sense of humour anyway and the venue was great. I had never been to the Birmingham Symphony Hall before but the views of the stage were perfect. There were the usual heckles during the show some good, some just plain awful always followed by a quick witted reply by Jimmy. The spoof sitcom in the show was hilarious and the audience members that helped were fantastic making it fun to watch. It was a genuinely fun night out and has made me think we need to do it more often. I will definitely be booking tickets for his next tour!

It was so nice to go out and be ourselves and not just Mummy and Daddy for a few hours. I think it is so easy to lose yourself when you become a parent. You focus so much on the little ones in your life that you tend to just forget about the little things that used to make you happy but sometimes its nice to find a balance and go out and enjoy the things you used to love doing before parenthood. After all they will grow up one day and what are you going to do with all your spare time then?!

I'd love to know is there anything you loved to do before having kids? Or what do you do when you get child free time (if you are lucky enough to get that chance)?

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  1. Wow. I can't believe you got tickets that far in advance. Im guilty of buying them 3 weeks in advance and loosing them ; ( Paul still hasn't forgiven me for loosing the Joe Pasquale tickets a few years ago.
    Sounds like you had fun

  2. We bought lee Evans tickets before and we had to wait a year too but think they would have sold out if we didn't get them the day they went on sale

  3. Sounds like a great night! I saw Jimmy Carr back when I was in Uni and he certainly has a way with words, got to meet him afterwards to and he was lovely! Thee are so many things I used to do before children that I miss now but going to comedy and music gigs are high on the list, it's not just getting the child free time but the cost too!