Why is there so much pressure on mums to look good

Monday, July 22, 2013

Being back at work has reminded me of the huge pressure on women to look their best after having children. It's a kind of pressure people don't even realise. If you go into work feeling ill or looking pale it must be symptoms of another pregnancy. It couldn't possibly just be a virus or tiredness from being up all hours with a baby.

Well I have really tried my hardest to not look like a zombie at work I get up early make my hair tidy and put make up over the bags I've gained under my eyes. I wear baggy work shirts to hide the awful shaped belly I have since having two c-sections and usually before I leave for work, I think 'I don't look too bad'. This is a feeling I don't get very often, I am very paranoid about my body and worry about what other people see when they look at me. Well on Friday after I'd had a break to have my breakfast I was walking back to my department to get on with my work when I was approached by a woman who single handedly knocked the last bit of confidence left out of me.

You know when you know someone is going to say something offensive? She looked right at my belly and just said 'You expecting again?' she said it with a sly smile on her face like she knew she was saying something she shouldn't especially as it is someone who I have rarely ever spoken to and wouldn't consider a friend. I thought it was so rude, I could never ask a question like that to someone I barely know. In fact I wouldn't say it to someone I do.

It makes me so angry that women could treat one another like that. Not everyone bounces back into a size 8 within weeks of giving birth, the majority of women probably don't get their pre pregnancy bodies back ever regardless of how hard they try. Mums have enough pressure on them with bringing up children, running homes and for some creating a work-home balance. There are just not enough hours in the day sometimes to worry about how you look. I know most days I'm lucky to have five minutes to brush my teeth and stick my hair in a bobble!

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  1. So true! I bet this person was single and lonely! Some people just have nothing better to do! You have a loving family, gorgeous children and lovely (!) friends so you don't have the time to think about nasty little snipes to say to others to make them doubt themselves. When I met you you looked stunning (even when looking a little green and hungover!)I'm sure you look fantastic in work, even with a disturbed night's sleep!

    1. Thanks I feel better now I've had a rant about it I just hate how women can be so judgemental of each other rather than being supportive x