Review: Slumberdown Travel Pillow

Friday, July 26, 2013

Being a member of the Slumberdown Panel of Mums, I get the fantastic job of trying out all their fab products! A few weeks ago I was sent a travel pillow to try out. Unfortunately it didn't arrive in time for our trip to Pleasurewood Hills as it would have been perfect for such a long journey. Typically it turned up the next day!

The pillow is made from memory foam, which anyone who has ever used memory foam products will know is very very comfy. I have used the travel pillow a few times now. Not for overly long journeys as I haven't had chance to travel very far since I've had it, but have done a few slightly longer than average journeys with it. I've found that it is so much more comfy than the old beaded ones we used to use years ago when going on holidays. You don't have to worry about it going mishaped which can be a pain when you've just got comfy and you have to try rearrange it back to a comfortable position. You can really feel how supportive it is for your neck.

Gracie also loves it, although I wouldn't let her use it in a car as obviously it would alter her position in her carseat and wouldn't want to risk her being in a dangerous position but I've caught her a few times cuddled up with it on the sofa. That and she loves playing with it sticking it on her head? She amazes me sometimes! Obviously, If you have an older child who uses a booster seat or even a teenager then the travel pillow will be perfectly suitable for those long trips, especially now the summer holidays have come around.


The Slumberdown Travel pillow is perfect for both adults and older children and is currently available at Tesco now in their WOW deals in both red and black for just £5 from 29th July- 7th August 2013. It will then retail at £10.

You can view the full range of Slumberdown products on their website. You can also find them on twitter @SlumberdownUK

We were sent the item above free of charge for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are my own

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