Review: Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park

Monday, July 22, 2013

The other weekend we travelled down to Lowestoft in Suffolk to visit Pleasurewood Hills theme park to celebrate their 30th birthday. To be honest as I live quite far away from there I had never heard of Pleasurewood Hills but after looking at the website I was excited to go and visit. We definitely had great timing with all this sunshine!

Unfortunately it was further away than we originally thought so was around three and a half hours away meaning we didn't get there until 1.30pm when we had hoped to get there a lot earlier! We left Zach with his Nanna thankfully, meaning we didn't have to worry about him getting hot and bothered and I substituted him for my not so little brother so there was always two adults free to go on a ride with one to stay with Gracie. We got stuck straight in and me and my brother went straight on the Jolly Roger ride, I'm surprised he persuaded me really as I've always avoided these rides at any theme park! I actually wasn't scared once I was on it though and lived to tell the tale. Then we went to Timber Falls (the log flume) I hadnt even thought that Gracie couldn't go on this though so I looked after her while we watched Daddy and Uncle Lee have a go on the boats. Although I didn't get a go I could see it was a good one and Daddy and Uncle Lee came off soaking wet and laughing at each other!

We then decided to find something for Gracie until we passed Hobs Pit! This is Pleasurewood Hills' newest attraction. It opened this year and has been classified a 12A ride making it one of the scariest rides in the UK! I was so nervous to go on this ride especially seeing people change their minds leaving the queue in tears before even entering! But I knew you would all want to hear about it. Me and Lee went on this one and as we entered there was just darkness we had to walk and couldnt see where we were going, I had to push him in front of me and hold his tshirt to find my way. Of course you get the usual people jumping out scaring the life out of you then eventually we made it to the cart. Each cart fits four passengers we were at the back. The cart went through a mine shaft with eerie scenes inside. We were laughing as we kept expecting something scary then while we were talking a head popped out of nowhere and shouted boo which we weren't expecting and we almost flew out the cart we jumped so high which then made us laugh just in time for our photo. I really wish I had got a copy of the picture it was so funny! It was a great ride and definitely lived up to the hype.

We then spent a while in the Kiddie Zone where me and Gracie tried to go on all the rides. She loved the pirate ship, the elephant ride,and the helicopter ride. She really wanted to go on the teacups but was just slightly under the 1 metre mark so wasn't allowed on. Her favourite ride was the carousel though which I thought she would be too little for but she loved it and we had to drag her away from it by bribing her with dinner.

At 3pm we went to the Sea Lion show we got good seats by the front so Gracie could see as it was her first ever Sea Lion show. I was actually expecting her to be scared as she has a massive fear of animals but she had so much fun. It was a clever little show and got lots of audience members involved which is always important. We were far enough away for Gracie to not be scared but close enough for her to watch them properly. She helped me take lots of pictures of them and waved and clapped all the way through.

Daddy and Lee went on a few more rides and they really enjoyed the rollercoaster Wipe Out and again there was an amazing photo of them on that but I didn't have the money to buy it at the time! Me and Gracie took a walk down to the pedalo's as she would have loved them but unfortunately they weren't available that day which was disappointing.

Pleasurewood Hills is your typical seaside theme park. It has an equal proportion of adult rides and kiddy rides, we loved the Sea Lion show and they also have a few other shows that we missed thanks to our bad timing such as; the parrot show and the Sean Alexander illusionist show which looks amazing! They also have Laser Labrinth, a laser adventure for an additional fee. There are so many things to do there for people of all ages. We would definitely go again but probably only if we were in a nearby area, a 7 hour round trip was a bit much with a toddler.
We go to Great Yarmouth for holidays sometimes which is very close by so will definitely be returning some day. I would definitely make a whole day of it next time and would recommend it to anyone nearby as it is a lovely park and is constantly improving.

We received complimentary tickets for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own 

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