Review: Mister Maker Watch & Make Vol. 5 DVD

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Gracie loves CBeebies and one of her favourites at the moment is Mister Maker. She loves watching the kids doing crafts so was thrilled when his new DVD dropped through the letterbox. I like to know that when she is watching the telly she is watching something that encourages her to be creative and since she has started watching Mister Maker she has been more motivated to play crafts rather than just watch telly or play with toys.

The DVD runs for approximately 95 minutes and has over 20 different easy makes for kids. One of my favourite things about the show is how it encourages children to use materials around them meaning you don't have to run around the shops buying expensive bits and bobs to get creative. Gracie has learnt to save straws, toilet roll tubes and tissue paper amongst other bits to keep in her 'doodle draw'. Whenever Zach is napping or sitting still long enough for us to do something she grabs her box of supplies and will happily play making things with a glue stick and whatever materials she can find! It's great for when you forget someone's birthday and need a card in a rush a homemade card by a toddler is always appreciated more than a shop bought card.

I have to say Mister Maker is one of the main reasons Gracie remembers her shapes correctly. She loves the shape song and now associates the right names with the right shapes when she used to get a but muddled.

I would definitely recommend this DVD to parents looking for creative inspiration for their children. There are so many great ideas that you wouldn't think of trying until you see them done step by step. It is also great for teaching children to play independently with craft materials. The DVD is available from most good DVD stockists.

We were sent this DVD free of charge for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are my own.

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