Proud Mummy Moment: First Steps

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Three days ago Zach turned 10 months old. Yeah that doesn't sound so exciting but what he did on that day is the exciting part. We went to visit my Grandma who the kids adore and the first thing I did was stand Zach up on the floor and he just toddled over to his Grandma with no thoughts about what he was doing. It was only three or four steps but they were his first steps!

I was at work the day Gracie took her first steps so was so excited to see Zach's first steps. I cannot believe how quick he has suddenly grown up and he really is like a little man. Gracie didn't stand independently or walk until 18 months so it has been a shock having such a fearless baby who is so active. I can't leave him alone at the minute without him sneaking up the stairs, climbing up the furniture or using Gracie's chairs to try and get on the windowsill. It amazes me how different the two of them are.

It is times like this when you realise just how amazing your life is thanks to the little people in your life, I am so so proud of my two babies and I am loving watching them grow up (although it is happening way to fast for my liking!)

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  1. Awwww bless him.

    They look so small when they start walking. Go Zach!

    1. I know it's amazing to watch but makes me sad how fast it's all happening!

  2. Aww bless! Such a special moment! x