Money Supermarket's 'Big Night In'

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Money Supermarket have challenged a lot of bloggers to prove how you can have a fantastic night in without breaking the bank. It costs so much to go out these days with everything getting more and more expensive. I would say on an average night out I would spend £40- £50 including drinks, taxis etc. so since having kids going out has become a rarity. Money Supermarket have given us £50 to take part in this 'Big Night In' challenge to spend on whatever we like.

I was very happy to get this opportunity as we are on a very tight budget at the moment with preparing to move house and it has been a long time since me and Andy got the opportunity to have a nice night in. This is what we got from Tesco with our £50:

  • DVD boxset Sherlock Holmes 1&2- £11
  • DVD Silver Linings Playbook- £7
  • Tesco Family Meal Deal, Dinner, Side and Dessert- £6
  • Tub of Wall's Ice Cream- £1.40
  • Toffee Popcorn- 84p
  • Dairy Milk Oreo- £1
  • Milkybar- 80p
  • Cheese Savouries- 99p
  • Tango Orange- 99p
  • TOTAL £30.02

As we had spent less than we thought on our Big Night In shopping I then ordered the Pointless board game from for £15.22 bringing our Total to £45.24.

We chose Monday to be our 'Big Night In'. Firstly Andy Stuck the dinner in the oven while I put Zach to bed. Then while dinner was cooking we got out the Pointless board game out and played for around 45 minutes. It's been a very long time since I have played a proper board game and we really enjoyed it! It was nice to do something a bit different and its something we can get back out when we have guests.

Then dinner was ready and it was yummy! We had Cottage Pie with Roast Potatoes and it was lovely to sit down just the two of us and eat a nice meal together. For dessert we chose warm sticky toffee pudding with ice cream on the side and it was as delicious as it looks!

Once we had eaten dinner I let Andy choose which film to watch. We had bought a few as you never know what you're gonna fancy watching on the night and all three films were ones we had wanted to see. He chose Sherlock Holmes and well I wasn't complaining at watching two hours of Robert Downey Jr! The film was fab and we had a good tuck into the snacks we bought but had lots left over thanks to being stuffed from dinner. Zach woke up midway through the film so I thought we'd have to switch off but before I knew it he was fast asleep on my chest meaning I got nice baby cuddles and Andy had fallen asleep next to us. He can never stay awake through a whole film!

We had a lovely night and really enjoyed ourselves. We even had enough snacks left over to have another movie night with another of the DVD's the next day. It has definitely shown us that we can organise a night in on a small budget. To be honest we could have spent a lot less than £50 and I would much rather a Big Night In than a night out anyday.

This is our entry  into the Money Supermarket 'Big Night In' challenge competition. The £50 was given to us for this challenge. You can see the competition and terms and conditions here

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