Maxi Cosi Loola Unpacking Party

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Party? Who said party? Yes thats right we had a pushchair unpacking party! Last week it was revealed that we had been chosen as Maxi-Cosi reporters. The very popular Maxi-Cosi Loola pushchair has undergone a makeover and we have the task of testing it out!

Our first task was to have an 'unpacking party' unlike most people this is genuinely one of my favourite parts about getting a new pushchair. Although I am one of those people who follows the instruction manual religiously as I hate making mistakes. There was not much organising when it came to our unpacking party as I was just way to impatient and just HAD to build it right away! We did find some party food, a party isn't a party without cake, biscuits and crisps!

We waited until Zach's nap time then me and my pest assistant Gracie unboxed and began to build. I really wanted to video it but with just me and a two year old present that proved impossible so we had to stick with good old fashioned photos. As you can see it looks like there are lots of parts but in reality most of these parts are the little extras; raincover, carseat adapters and baby cocoon all came as extras and the pushchair came in just four seperate pieces. The chassis came complete with the wheels already attached which was great as they can be pretty fiddly at times! The seat unit came seperate to that and can be put on either parent facing or world facing. Then the last two bits to attach were the hood and the bumper bar which both just slotted into their allocated slots. All in all it took maybe 10 minutes to build which I reckon is a great time, I have spent many hours before building baby products so 10 minutes is nothing.

With this heat I haven't had chance to open up and use the raincover but definitely will try it out before I come to the end of my testing. I love the baby cocoon it looks so easy to use, we received the Graphic Crystal design to match our pushchair. I couldn't be happier with the colour Loola we received, it is definitely one of the most stylish pushchairs we've ever used. The carseat adapters are so easy to use, there is no need to take everything apart like some pushchairs, you just simply remove the seat unit and slot the adapters in where you have removed the seat unit. Your carseat (if one of the compatable carseats) will then easily slot on top of the adapters for use as a travel system.

I was very surprised to find the pushchair can be folded with the seat unit attached and is actually very small folding! There is something about the words travel system that make me think huge pushchair and I instantly worry about fitting it in the car or storing it in the house so the Loola has proved to be a very pleasant surprise. I have to say though I struggled to open it back up after folding parent facing the first few times but have mastered it now and feel quite silly for struggling with it. The fact that it can be built with a two year old insisting on helping is amazing she got really involved as you can probably see in the pictures although she did try and stick the parasol clip in any available hole she could find on the chassis, thankfully she didn't manage to break anything. She also got the priviledge of being the first to try it out, she looks huge in it but I hadn't had a fiddle around to alter the harness or recline the seat for her so you will have to wait and see how suitable it is size wise for them both.

So that is how our unpacking and building went. Look out for our next challenge, I'm not sure what it will be yet but all will be revealed to us later on today...

We were sent the Maxi Cosi Loola free of charge for the purpose of our reviews. All opinions are my own.

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