Maxi Cosi Loola: Hidden Treasures

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

This weeks task from Maxi Cosi was a very interesting one. What we had to do was find hidden treasures in our city, by hidden treasures they meant finding places you haven't been to before or that you never knew existed. The task has given us all the opportunity or excuse to rediscover our own cities and see if we can get to them easily with our Maxi Cosi Loola.

Hotspot Number One
The first place we decided to visit is the Coventry Transport Museum. Now this one was something I had visited but not since before I had children. It is a fantastic free to enter museum with fun for all the family. It's amazing seeing the changes in transport over the years, including a 1936 caravan in the exhibition with a VERY old pushchair out the front. Of course I took a photo of the Loola next to the old pushchair to see the difference. See if you can spot it. There are lots of famous cars you may recognise at the museum which we snapped some pictures with too. We had lots of fun visitng the museum, it is so easy to get to on the bus and easy to get round with a pushchair so I think we will be visiting it more often

Hotspot Number Two

The second place we visited was somewhere I had heard of before but hadn't actually visited. I only found it by chance when exploring a bit and was quite shocked to find it. This place was Lady Herbert's Garden. That will probably mean nothing to many of you but Lady Herbert's husband is a quite important figure in Coventry history and the Garden was actually laid out by her husband Sir Alfred Herbert after she died unexpectedly in the early 1930's. The Garden is beautiful and was lovely to have a walk around. Unfortunately we could see it's not as well looked after as it once was which is a shame but I'm certainly glad I managed to find it.

Hotspot Number 3
For hotspot number 3 I was heading towards the old cathedral ruins. Coventry is famous for the fact it has had three cathedrals the first has very few remains, whereas the second which was bombed in the second world war has been left untouched with a new cathedral built right next to it. The remains of the second cathedral are a big tourist attraction and to be honest is something I don't bother to visit as I seen it so much with school trips as a kid. I thought it would be a nice idea to go and have a look. Unfortunately the thunderstorms hit when we were just minutes away so we didn't make it there. I am determined to go back as soon as the weather picks up again! Although as you can see it didn't put a damper on Zach's day!

 This was a great challenge for me and has pointed out lots of places of interest in my city and has shown me having the kids and a pushchair doesn't actually limit what I do.

We were sent the Maxi Cosi Loola free of charge for the purpose of our reviews. All opinions are my own.

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