Lin & Leo BabyBag challenge 2: Style It Up!

Monday, July 15, 2013

This has proved to be a hard challenge for me as I hate being centre of attention but the latest challenge from Lin & Leo was a style challenge with all the focus being entirely on me, showing off my personal style with some of my favourite outfits complete with my Lin & Leo Babybag! Now I'm not an uber stylish person, I own some nice clothes but I dress for comfort now since being a parent and throw on any old thing most days. With this nice weather though I've been making the most of wearing dresses and skirts here is a selection of my favourite outfits worn with the beautiful BabyBag;

The Maxi
My biggest wardrobe staple for the summer is the maxi dress I have about six altogether but this is one of my favourites. I love how a good maxi dress hides all your lumps and bumps and makes you feel good about yourself without hiding under baggy tops and leggings. The colours of the dress in no way match the bag but I think it really brightens up the outfit without clashing.

The Sundress
This is one of my oldest sundresses. I don't look quite as good in it as I used to pre pregnancies! It is black with yellow flowers and green leaves and shouldn't look good with turquoise but I think the bag goes really well?!

The Playsuit

I really like this playsuit until I put it on. They are not practical at all are they? Having to strip to go for a wee, especially when in charge of two little ones and it is difficult to get a minutes peace to go for a toilet trip without needing to manouvre yourself out of a playsuit. Having said that it is a great way to wear shorts and avoid the muffin top look which I am definitely rocking after two csections. And yes that is a baseball cap I'm wearing which I am sure are most definitely not fashionable anymore but my poor head got very burnt in the sun this week so the hat gave my head a break to avoid skin flakes in my hair! Again I think the bag looks great as usual!

The Casual Look

This wasn't this week, In fact this photo was taken on the morning I travelled to BritMums Live. I'd chosen a dress to wear for the first day although it was cold in the morning so I stuck on my trusty hoody to travel in and my comfiest shoes. If you look carefully I'm wearing my Teething Bling turquoise pendant and bangle which match the bag perfectly! I even have my nails painted the same colour as my accessories!

I love that even though I chose a bright colour BabyBag it looks great with any outfit no matter the colour. I did think I'd have problems with it clashing with everything before I got it but I'm definitely happy with my turquoise bag!

If you keep an eye out on the blog, I will have challenge number 3 coming up later in the week and I'm really excited for this one!

I was sent the Lin & Leo BabyBag free of charge for the purpose of my reviews. All views and opinions are my own.

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  1. you look very stylish one yummy mummy love the last dress on you thats my favourite! xx

    1. Thanks! They are all really cheap outfits actually I certainly don't feel so stylish was great fun making this post though

  2. lovely post hun, the bag goes with everything so well! Adore the maxi dress and the dress you wore at Britmums (lovely to meet you there!)the teething bling pendant goes so well!