Zach's trip to baby dermatology

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Today has been quite a good day. We finally had an appointment with a dermatologist to speak about Zach's skin problems. We had waited months for this appointment following numerous trips to different doctors who all had different ideas on what it was and different treatments to try that all came to nothing.

Well the Dermatology staff were fantastic! They had a proper look at his skin, asked lots of questions and have confirmed it is baby acne and decided on a treatment to try. We now have some oral antibiotics and a topical cream to try. They even took clinical photographs so we can compare at our next appointment in four weeks time.

Finally feeling more positive for him! Hopefully we will see a difference in the next four weeks :D

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  1. Not to sure what to comment but when reading this post really felt I should. I am glad he is getting the treatment he needs for his skin as I can only imagine how many trips to the doctors you have had x

    1. Thank you, really appreciate it. It has been a long time with lots of doctors trips but getting him better is totally worth it :)

  2. Aww good luck with that! I wish you both well!