What an exciting week...

Monday, June 17, 2013

I am very excited yet very nervous for the week ahead. It is an unusually busy week for me and I am leaving the kids with their Daddy and will be away overnight for the first time. Not only am I going away but I'm doing it TWICE.

This Wednesday I will be taking a trip to Manchester with a friend to see Robbie Williams with none over than Olly Murs as his support act! I have seen both live before seperately so I am so excited to see both in one night! I've been looking forward to this for months and can't believe how quick its come round. I'll be staying in Manchester Wednesday night and travelling home on Thursday just in time to pack my bags for my next trip Friday morning!

Friday is the one I'm most nervous about. Friday and Saturday I'll be attending my first blogging conference Britmums Live 2013. This is where I'll be finally meeting up with all my blogging friends, some who I have been friends with for a few years and have never had the chance to meet. The conference has lots of workshops where I can hopefully brush up on my skills and learn lots of new things. I can also meet up with a number of brands which will be nice as you usually have to speak stuck behind a pc which isn't very personal. Now this is what I think may push me over the edge! The guilt of leaving the little ones behind added to the paranoia that people may not like me and don't get me started on my crazy level of shyness.

I'm hoping I will overcome all the worries and have an amazing week I'll never forget. With everything that's going on at the minute I'm looking forward to an exciting week ahead. Enjoy your week and I'll report back soon!

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