Review: Magicbed

Thursday, June 06, 2013

I have been so excited for weeks about this review. I had never heard of Magicbed but I'm now wondering why everyone hasn't got them yet! Unlike ordinary travel cots, the Magicbed is a pop up travel cot that folds into a handy carry bag rather than the big plastic ones that are heavy and bulky. Magicbed was created by two fathers who were sick of what I call 'holiday tetris' with the car, trying to pack up everything a family needs to go away for a few days. With big bulky travel cots taking up the majority of the room. They then came up with the miracle that is the 'magicbed'.

My two have never been big fans of travel cots and I've always thought they don't look to comfy but the magicbed comes with a mattress that slots into a pocket underneath and a lovely fleece blanket that velcros on the inside of the bed. The velcro on the fleece is a fantastic idea meaning that it doesn't come unattached when they are wriggling around. Whenever I've used travel cots I always use a blanket underneath to make it more comfy for the kids but after an hour or so the blanket is usually kicked to the bottom of the cot making it pointless.
My favourite thing about the magicbed is how small it folds up, I don't have to worry about finding somewhere to store it as I can stick it back in the handy carry bag and slot it underneath one of the beds or in the wardrobe whenever not in use. They have even thought about comfort when away by putting a little pocket on the outside big enough for a phone so you can play soothing music and stick it in the pocket until they fall asleep if you wish. The Magicbed is available in five different colours; black, chocolate, blue, pink and spotted pink. We chose the blue colour(pictured above).

The magicbed has also come in very handy for playtime. Now that Zach is getting more adventurous and climbing up everything, he is constantly hurting himself which means I can't leave him unattended for even a second. I've been sticking him in the magicbed with a few toys while I wash or tidy up and it gives me peace of mind that he is safe where he can't bang himself or grab anything he shouldn't and he is happy to play in there. Gracie is also a big fan of playing with the magicbed. As soon as I opened it up the first time she shouted 'Wow my castle' so poor Zach has been forced to play in the castle with his crazy big sister on many occasions!

The magicbed is easy to open it pops up in a matter of seconds and closes almost as easy. With a quick fold if you then hold it between your legs and fasten the elastic around it, it will fit straight back into the carry bag with all the accessories.

You can even use a magicbed outside if the weathers nice, you can purchase a sun canopy to shade your baby from the suns rays. I haven't tried it outside yet as I haven't got a sun canopy and like to be careful where I put Zach as I haven't found a suncream that doesn't irritate his skin. I would definitely look into buying one though once we've moved house.

I don't quite know what else to say I've found the magicbed to be completely flawless and will be recommending to all my friends and family now.

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I was given the item featured free of charge for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Will it work with breathing alarms or does the mattress fit flat against the floor? I currently use standard travel cots because the Angelcare movement monitors work fine under the mattress. This magicbed looks brilliant but wouldn't be any good to me if I can't use the movement monitors. They wont work on the floor as they then pick up people walking around.

    1. I'm not actually sure Emma that's a very good point yes the mattress slips into a slot underneath I could only suggest it would work if it could go on top of the mattress as its quite thick or if it could be stuck under the blanket (which is attached by Velcro all the way around on the inside of the cot where baby lays) so would be protected by the blanket so baby isn't directly on top of the monitor there would be the fleeced blanket between them. Really hope that helps in any way if not if you go on the magic bed website they have a live chat they might be able to help or point you in the direction of a review where a monitor is used (if there is one)