Review: The Miracle Bag- New Milan Changing Bag

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Any parent will know when taking a baby out you end up with what seems like the entire contents of your house with you and it tends to get worse with the more kids you have. Yeah not much of it is really 'essential' but it is guaranteed if you decide to leave something out then that is the day you will need that item more than ever, so it's best to carry everything 'just incase'.
We were recently given the choice to choose between the three new style changing bags from The Miracle Box, the three new bag collections are City, Chic and Milan. I chose the Milan style bag in black spot so it would go with any of my pushchairs and out of the three I thought that this one looks better suited to both mums and dads. The bag is made from 100% cotton which is laminated to provide a hard wearing wipe clean surface. Included with the bag is a clear wipe holder, a blue spot change mat that matches the lining of the bag, buggy clips and a shoulder strap. The bag has lots of handy storage compartments including a deep thermal bottle holder and a non thermal bottle holder on the other side. There is also a large zip pocket on the inside, a few non zip pockets and an external slip pocket on the back of the bag. The main compartment has a zip to close the bag and the flapthat folds over has two hidden magnetic clips to hold it shut, making it safe from losing things or even to help avoid people getting into your bag if your back is turned.

As many of you may know already I use cloth nappies which take up more room in a bag than disposable nappies so it is important to me to have a bag that can fit everything I need for a day out with two kids including our cloth nappies and accessories. This bag has been perfect for holding all this stuff and more! For a normal day out my bag contains, 3-4 cloth nappies, 1 pack of wet wipes, 2 sample pots of CJs Butter, a wet bag to store used nappies, nappy sacks, change mat, a cotton reusable shopping bag, 1 pair of baby socks, 1 pair of baby shoes, 2 Teething Bling bangles, spare pair of trousers, spare Tshirt, a few small toys for Gracie and Zach, a pouch of food for Zach, a baby spoon, 1 or 2 bottles, my diary, glasses case, purse, phone and keys. So it's safe to say my bag is fairly loaded! I probably don't need all that but it all comes in handy at some point and it's nice to have a bag big enough to store it all. All the extra pockets inside make it really easy for me to find anything important without needing to empty the bag which is always important whilst out and about. The portable changing mat is also perfect for changing nappies on the go.


My favourite thing about the bag is how stylish it looks. Even though it is big and spacious they haven't comprimised on the style. I have far too many pushchairs at the minute and they are all different colours but the bag will go nicely with all of them. Even Daddy likes the bag it's much less girly than the last bag I made him use. I love how the bag is laminated making it look clean all the time. With fabric bags after a few months use they can become tatty or faded but themiraclebag won't suffer from these problems making it long-lasting. I've taken the bag out while it's been raining a few times and everything inside the bag was completely protected as there was nowhere for the rain to leak through thanks to the flap that folds over the front. The only negative I have is the shoulder strap, I find that it sometimes adjusts itself, although that may be the fact I have so much in the bag weighing it down. I think it would be great if the straps were slightly thicker and had a protective pad on the strap for when wearing on your shoulder.

I would definitely recommend this bag to any parent. The price is so reasonable for a designer change bag at just £45 and will last through for however many children you decide to have.

You can catch up on the latest product news on the Miracle Products Facebook page or on the Miracle Box Twitter page.

I was sent the bag featured free of charge for review but all opinions are my own.

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  1. iam loving the spotty design its a lovely looking bag!! x