Returning to work

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Zach is almost 8 months now. I've been lucky enough to have been on maternity leave since August but with my maternity pay finishing next month I need to plan my return to work. It is not easy to return to work after having a baby.

Firstly theres the seperation anxiety, you carried that little life around inside you for around 9 months, you then look after them day in day out until you one day return to work. For some returning to work is a choice, for me I have no option we can't afford to pay our bills on one wage. I would love to stay at home until both kids are at school or even find a well paid job I could do from home that would bring in enough money to put food on the table and keep the house warm.

Secondly, childcare can be a massive issue. Childcare can be so expensive especially for more than one child. To get a full time day job it would cost me all my wages to have someone look after them taking me back to square one. This isn't just a problem for me but one for a large number of parents. With the rise of the retirement age people can no longer turn to the children's grandparents for help with childcare. When I was younger me and my brother, along with our cousins, would all be looked after by my Grandma while are parents were at work. My babies will be working themselves before my parents retire! With no family or friends available to help with childcare me and Andy must work around each others hours so that one of us can look after the kids at all times. We manage to make this work but its at an expense.

One of the biggest things to me is sacrificing our family time. We will very rarely get to eat dinner as a family perhaps just once a week if we are lucky. Family days out will only be when we have time off work together, no more spontaneous trips to the park etc. Of course this will make us appreciate our time together a lot more it will just be a big thing for the kids to adapt to and I will miss our quality time together.

Another big thing for me personally is having to be sociable again after spending so much time exclusively with kids. I especially found when returning to work after having Gracie that I no longer knew what to say to people! No one wants to hear about my kids bowel movements that day or what they had for dinner and they most definitely didn't appreciate my singing of every cbeebies theme tune that would stick in my head after a long day of listening to the telly whilst doing housework!

I have to say i'm not moaning about working here. In this day and age i'm lucky to have a job and in a way i'm looking forward to getting out and having adult conversation outside of facebook and twitter! I just wish that it was easier for working families. There are so many families struggling to balance family life and work and in most cases it doesn't work meaning either their work suffers or their family does.

In the next few weeks I will be sorting out my return to work including which department will I be sent to and can they find me hours to suit my needs. In the mean time my main aim is to spend my last few weeks making the most of every minute I get to spend with my family and hopefully enjoying a few weeks of nice weather with the kids *wishful thinking there maybe*

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  1. I remember the dreaded return to work so well. Hope you get something that suits and that your return to works goes smoothly xx