ODEON Newbies- Taking babies to the movies

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

This week I took Gracie and Zach to the cinema for the first time. I had never done this before incase they didnt like it or made too much noise. It is very rare that I get to go see a new film at the cinema in fact its rare I get to do anything child free. There are many parents that don't have help with childcare so feel that they can't do the things they like to do.

Well my friend text me and asked me if i'd like to go to the 'newbies' thing to watch 'The Great Gatsby' with the kids. How could I say no to a few hours watching Mr Dicaprio on the big screen?! Until this week I hadn't heard about the ODEON Newbies scheme. ODEON Newbies is exclusively for parents and guardians with new babies. You can watch current film releases with your little ones and sit back and enjoy the latest blockbusters - without worrying about them making noise. The volume in Newbies screenings will be slightly quieter and the lights will be raised more than usual, creating a more calming environment for you and your baby and making it easy for you when you are rummaging through your change bag! The screenings are held weekday mornings and all films will be certificate 12A or lower. Tickets are priced as normal with babies going for FREE!

It was lovely to get out and do something different and finally watch a film I wanted to see before it comes out on DVD. Even though it was a long film Gracie felt so grown up sitting in a big seat watching a 'big dvd' and was so well behaved. It was also nice knowing that if your baby was to get upset you wouldn't be being a nuisance. Not that I had to worry Zach slept through the majority of the film and only woke for a bottle and some snacks.

I'm not sure if it is all ODEON cinemas that take part but there is a list of all partcipating cinemas on the website. It's definitely worth looking at if you have a baby or preschooler and want to get out and see a good movie. I'm definitely glad i've now found it and the £5 I paid for a morning out for the three of us was money well spent. 

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