Review Lindam Door Bouncer

Thursday, April 11, 2013

For the past few weeks Zach has been testing out a Lindam Jump About door bouncer. It arrived in a small box which immediately made me think 'oh no I'm gonna have to build something'. I was pleasantly surprised as there was no building involved!

 I opened it up ready to use with the easy to follow instructions to ensure I was using it safely when I noticed a big problem! The door I wanted to use wasn't suitable to attach to. Luckily my doors come in different shapes and sizes so I could use a different one that it could be attached to. It wasn't a major problem for us but is something you might have to bear in mind if thinking of buying one (see pictures below showing the door it won't fit to and the one it will. The first picture shows our wide framed door that the bouncer doesn't fit and the second shows the door that it does fit). As you will see in the photos you need a frame that the hook can clamp over.

Actually attaching the bouncer to the door was very simple it has a hook mechanism that just clamps on the top of the frame, which might not sound safe, but before putting Zach in the bouncer we applied a lot of weight to try and pull it down but it was very steady and there was no sign of it coming unattached. The recommended weight for the bouncer is up to 12kg and can be used from when a baby can hold their head up without any support (around 5/6 months). Lindam recommends that your baby should only be in the bouncer for a maximum of 20 minutes at a time. I found that Zach started to get tired at around 15-20 minutes of being in the bouncer anyway. The height can be adjusted to ensure it is the perfect length for each individual baby so they can reach the floor to bounce. It can be easily removed and refitted which is great for travelling. We go to my mums regularly with the kids and can now take this with us for Zach to use while he is there.

 The first time we put Zach in the bouncer he was quite poorly so didn't stay in long, but in that small amount of time he loved it. He didn't bounce though, no he preferred to spin around laughing in it until he ran out of energy and wanted to get out! It's taken me a while to write this review as I waited for him to feel better to make sure we tested it out properly before telling you all what I thought. Well the last week he's been much better and has had a lot more energy to burn so the bouncer has been a great help. Whilst taking apart and building beds upstairs we decided to take the bouncer upstairs with us to keep Zach entertained. Again, we encountered the door problem, we only have one upstairs door the right size to use. Once we fitted it and put Zach in we forgot about the problem though and he absolutely loved it bouncing around with big smiles on his face it was great to have 10 minutes of hands free time to help Andy sort the kids rooms. Of course, I made sure I could see Zach at all times as you shouldn't leave a baby in a bouncer unattended at any time. I would definitely recommend the Jump About to parents looking for a bouncer that doesn't take up much room. It is fantastic value for money and we really enjoyed watching Zach having so much fun!

The bouncer is available from many stores and retailers and you can find it for under £20 from many of the retailers. You can find a list of stockists for the Jump About as well as all of Lindam's other products on their website here.

I was sent the bouncer featured free of charge for review purposes but all views and opinions are my own.

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  1. I love the lindam door bouncers, all 4 of mine had lots of fun in theres!
    Zach looks like he loves it too

  2. Harry loves his :) perfect for at nanny's house

  3. Awww Zach looks like he is really enjoying it!

  4. Thanks for the review Carly! We are delighted to read that Zach loves his bouncer and that he is feeling much better :-) xx