Rainy Day Adventure

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Yesterday we braved the showers stuck on some warm clothes and wellies and headed to the park. As we pulled up at the park the sky looked lovely and blue again. Perfect for jumping in the muddy puddles left by the rain! We stuck Zach in the pushchair with the raincover over him ready for any more sudden showers and off we went.

Just as we got out of the way of any forms of shelter the heavens well and truely opened! We got caught up in a very heavy downpour of rain and hail! Obviously we were the only people silly enough to be walking around in such extreme weather. Everyone else had seen it coming and made a run for it. Zach was nice and dry and oblivious to anything going on and Gracie had about 4 layers of clothing to protect her and insisted on being carried to protect her face from the hail so we carried on through the park. It was absolutely freezing, I could no longer feel my hands or face and couldn't see through my steamed up glasses but I laughed more than I had all day!

After about five minutes the rain had stopped and the sky was once again blue with the sun shining gloriously through the gaps in the clouds. If it wasn't for the fact we were dripping with rain water and the ground was covered in puddles you'd never know it had been raining! Gracie practically jumped off me to get into the puddles and was jumping around dancing and splashing until I managed to bribe her away to play in the trees.

We found a great little place to play under a big tree surrounded by little trees and bushes that apparantly looked like a fairy house so we went to hide in there while Daddy had to find us. Of course it didnt take long, two year olds are not known for their great hide and seek skills. As soon as he said 'wheres Gracie' she shouted not here! She had lots of fun running around, trying to hide and climbing over the tree roots sticking out of the ground. She had so much fun we couldn't get her back out. That was when she started running out onto the grass then running back in when we tried to grab her. Then all of a sudden I saw Daddy panicking, she had disappeared. We were shouting her and heard no noise at all we were really close to water so I was terrified incase she'd managed to run away near the water. After a few minutes (that felt like a lifetime) Daddy found her in a tiny bush looking scared because she'd took a wrong turn and got lost. The poor thing got so upset when he found her and came running over to me crying. It was such a relief to give her a big hug knowing she was ok. They sure can give you a heart attack can't they?

She got over it pretty quick and we ran over to the flower beds outside the 'big house'. We were at Coombe Abbey Country Park which is the grounds of the historic Coombe Abbey hotel. We always like to have a look at the pretty flowers outside the hotel so Gracie can smell them and tell us what colours they all are. We decided to feed the ducks on our way to the play area so out came the bread and an over excited Gracie chucked it in a whole slice at a time to the ducks who just werent bothered so that got boring quick. So we then headed to the play area splashing in all the puddles on the way.

We had lots of fun playing in the rain and was lovely to do something as a family. We usually stay indoors with a bored Gracie when the weather is bad so she really enjoyed going out and having a wet and windy adventure. In fact she had so much fun she was fast asleep in the car by the time we got home. I have to admit I actually had lots of fun too. Sometimes it's fun to play in the rain. Was great to come home for a nice warm bath afterwards though!

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  1. Looks like you had a blast and even managed to make her pass out :)


    P.s I am your newest follower!