My declaration for a new healthy start

Monday, April 22, 2013

Ever since I've had Zach I've been trying and failing to lose weight. Before I had kids I loved my body, well I was happy with the way I looked and liked to be able to wear whatever I wanted. Unfortunately I inherited awful skin off my mum and so I got covered in stretch marks after having Gracie.

No matter how many creams and potions I lathered myself with daily whilst pregnant it didn't help. Eventually over time they started to fade but of course they never disappear. Not only did I have big stretchy lines all over my body but I gained the dreaded 'pouch' from having a C Section. It took a long time doing lots of walking, exercise and cutting down on fatty foods for me to finally get down to my pre pregnancy weight. It had taken my 12 months and I was very proud!

Then just a month later I realised I was pregnant again. A happy surprise but it meant my body went completely downhill again! Now Zach is six months old, summer is approaching and my attempts so far to try and tone up have well and truly failed! I'm being defeated daily by my awful cravings for chocolate! I'm desperate to shed a few pounds so I can treat myself to some nice new clothes and finally chuck out my baggy maternity clothes.

Now that I've admitted this publicly I must do something about it so I can eventually share a proud post when I've got myself to a point where I am once again happy with my body. I need to find some yummy healthy dishes and snacks as well as some child friendly ways to exercise so any comments or tips are more than welcome!

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  1. Good luck Carly! I found swimming a great exercise, and you can take baby along - otherwise jogging with the pushchair helped!