A week of firsts

Thursday, April 11, 2013

This past week has been pretty amazing for the kids and I couldn't be more proud of them both! We have been rather busy which is why I've been missing in action. At the weekend we took down the cotbed in Gracie's bedroom and replaced it with a new big girl bed and she has taken to her new bed very well. The cotbed no has the sides back on and is in Zach's room, which he moved into on Saturday. He has been sleeping better than ever in his cot and it is so strange having a baby free bedroom!

As well as the big bedroom move, Zach has learnt to sit unaided. It is so cute seeing him sitting playing with his toys and he is also getting ready to crawl he can get right up on his hands and knees trying to go. It definitely won't be long until I'm chasing him around the room. It amazes me how different kids are at this age Gracie had only just learnt to roll over and had no interest in moving about, whereas Zach is trying to follow his big sister everywhere she goes.

After all this I didn't think anything would shock me anymore this week until last night. Gracie decided she wanted to sit on the potty after months of being too scared to go near it. With a few distractions I managed to get her to sit on there for around an hour and thought she was never going to do anything. Then she did her first wee on the potty! I was so happy for her and she loved all the praise she got afterwards especially as I now owe her a present for being such a big girl! Hopefully this means we can get her dry before she starts Nursery in September :)

This week I'm a very proud mummy

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