Review: WOW Toys Cupcake Chloe

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

WOW Toys were launched back in 1997 at the London Toy Fair and have since gone from strength to strength? They are now available in 900 UK retailers and 40 countries around the world.

I came across WOW Toys when Gracie was one and just getting into playing with play sets. The first one she got was Poppy's Pony Ride and it was one of her favourite toys. Since then we have become big fans of WOW Toys and have seen them become hugely more popular in that short space of time. The lovely people at WOW Toys sent Gracie a Cupcake Chloe toy to review. As soon as the postman dropped it off she got excited shouting 'present!'. So we opened it up and she spotted it was a toy for her straight away. I took the toy out of the box straight away being careful not to rip the cardboard behind the toy as it has a picture scene for her to use as a backdrop. Included in the box is Chloe's cupcake shop, a tricycle for Chloe to deliver cakes, two cupcake toys and a Chloe doll. (see picture below)

The first thing Gracie did was place the cardboard backdrop on her table with Chloe's cake shop in front of it before grabbing the cakes and running off to eat them! (not literally I must add). What I love about WOW Toys is how they really help children use their imagination when playing. Gracie has been baking cupcakes with Chloe in her toy kitchen and feeding them to any visitors we have and of course chief cake tester Zach! She's also been using her other WOW toys together to make it even more fun mix and matching the characters and playsets to make her own adventures having hours of fun at the same time. She especially loves Cupcake Chloe as her favourite Auntie is called Chloe so she pretends it's a mini auntie Chloe.

WOW Toys are perfect for young children's developing minds. The perfect present for Christmas and birthdays as they can be played with straight out the box with no worry about forgetting batteries. They are very good quality toys and are very durable, all of ours look as new as the day we first got them which is surprising considering how heavy handed children can be when playing. What's best is each and every toy has it's own personality and story with lots of potential for fun for any child.

You can see the full range of toys at where you will also find a full list of online stockists as well as search for your nearest retailers.

We were sent the Chloe Cupcake toy featured in this post free of charge for review but all views and opinions are my own.

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