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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

As you all know we have recently started weaning Zach. We've been doing it by slowly introducing new foods like puréed fruits and vegetables and dairy free baby porridge. Just as I was planning how to wean him the lovely people at MAM UK offered me a feeding bowl from there new feeding range to review. I was very excited as we love MAM products both kids use their bottles and soothers as well as a number of their teethers and other accessories so I know that their products are great quality and already a favourite in our family.

The bowl comes with a tight fitting lid perfect for storing food safely especially when travelling. The bowl consists of two separate compartments making it ideal for storing and offering different foods and again great for travelling as you can separate dinner and dessert into the different compartments to save space. MAM have designed the bowl so that it has an easy to hold handle for parents or children to hold with just one hand.

To be honest I have struggled with this review on trying to really use the bowl for the intended use. In theory the bowl sounds amazing and very practical for the older baby. I'm sure we will use it more as Zach gets older and has more of an appetite. My problems being with the fact we are still weaning we have found we haven't had any need for two compartments with him, though Gracie loves to steal it to store her fruit in and separate her fruit into the different sides, which helps me see it's potential. Also we don't really go out for long enough to take meals out with us, if we are popping out I tend to shove a fruit pouch in the change bag incase he gets hungry. I do think that it will be perfect for the car journeys on days out when the weather gets better. The bowl is the perfect size to fit in a cool bag and I actually tested out the spill factor by putting some puree in the bowl, adding the lid and storing it sideways in the fridge. After a few hours there was no sign of any spills, and there is nothing worse than discovering baby food leaking all over your change bag or over everyone's food in your cool bag. The handle on the bowl is great, it's easy to hold with one hand and avoid it tipping when leaning over to feed the baby. Even Gracie can carry the bowl one handed without leaving a trail of grapes across my living room floor when she's not watching what she's doing! The brightness of the colour is Zach's favourite thing about the bowl, the second he see's it he knows it's food time and I love to see his big smile spread across his face.

I have to say I dont actually have any negative points about the bowl, just that maybe it is more suited to an older baby than a young baby. It is definitely our favourite bowl of Zach's thanks to it's carry handle and the fact that if I need to I can cover and refridgerate his food safely. Also once again MAM have made another product that is attractive to the eye. Children love bold colours and they never disappoint. I think that may be why my babies love all their MAM stuff!

I was sent this product free of charge for review but all views and opinions are my own.

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  1. Awwww, Zach is soooo cute!
    Love the bowl ... I'm after bowls for Hayden at the moment he's just turned 11 months old & I am now finding them handy - I didn't before which is why I can totally understand your point in this review. Will defo have a look into this one.

    Thanks for posting hun


    1. Thank you! At that age it is much more important to have a decent bowl I found cheap bowls to be not as helpful when my daughter was that age especially when attempting to feed themselves you don't really notice when they are babies. I would definitely recommend the MAM range their cups are fab too. Hope you find what you're looking for