Happy Six Months Little Man

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Today my baby is six months old and what an incredible six months it has been! He couldn't have fit into our family any more perfectly. I couldn't imagine our life without him. There have been lots of ups and downs with him being poorly more often than not but I wouldn't change him for the world and him being poorly so often has definitely strengthened his bond with his big sister who would do anything for him. I was warned by so many people to be careful of Gracie hurting him or getting jealous but she has nothing but love for her baby brother which is lovely to see. Hopefully it'll stay that way as they get older.

I can't believe how quickly they grow up and learn new things and Zach is a very clever baby. If I can even still call him a baby. I just hope the next six months will be easier for him and maybe I'll be lucky enough to get at least one nights sleep before he turns one!

Love you little man HAPPY SIX MONTHS!

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