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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Today has been a very exciting day. Me and Zach got to spend some quality time together while Gracie enjoyed some mummy free time with her grandparents. We caught a train to the Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham. Zach loved his first ever train journey! He laughed and babbled all the way there as well as waving at every woman who walked past him.

We went to Birmingham to attend a gNappies gTea. gNappies are my favourite cloth nappy brand and have a very unique concept with their reusable nappy covers that can be used with either cloth inserts or biodegradable inserts if you dont like the idea of washing dirty nappies. The biodegradable inserts can either be home composted (only wet ones) or binned with no harm to the environment.
gNappies have a massive fan following in the cloth nappy world and I am not surprised the customer service is amazing they hold gTeas in different areas of the country for gMums and gDads to meet up for tea, cake and a good chat. The Birmingham gTea was hosted by a lovely lady called Sarah who was there to answer any questions anyone had about the nappies, especially if people were worried about whether they were fitting their babies gNappies properly she was on hand with great advice. Most of all we all had a good natter about our babies and our lives and the hours passed by until we realised how long we'd been talking and it was time to go. Not before we got a sneaky peak at the latest release, a limited edition Earth Day gNappy called Global Love which a few of us impatiently bought today! My picture just doesn't do it justice, cant wait to try it on Zach.
It was so nice to spend a few hours with other parents to talk too without feeling paranoid about whether people like me or not. It may sound silly but I hate the awkwardness of baby & toddler groups and feel like I have to force myself to make conversation, but today everyone was so lovely and friendly that I felt so at ease and will definitely go to any future meets. You can find out if there are any local to you on their facebook page here
Today has been a good day for me and the little man :)
I havent been paid or asked to write this post. I'm just a huge gNappy fan and wanted to share it with you lovely lot!

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  1. Sounds like a great day out and a good excuse for one on one with Zach x

    1. yes it was great and was nice for Gracie to do something different I never usually leave her with anyone!