Why won't my baby stop crying?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ever since Zach has been born he hasn't been 'well'. Luckily they haven't been major problems, but he just seems to catch everything and no one likes to see their children unwell. He was born with an eye infection, his belly button wouldn't heal, he had constant diarrhoea all day everyday up until 9 weeks and he had awful sore spots all over his face which were so bad people would stop me and ask what was wrong with my baby. The spots turned out to be dermatitis which was aggrevated by the fact he was dairy intollerant and the doctor was adamant it was just a viral infection. Luckily I had a great health visitor who noticed straight away he had problems and she rang and sorted out changing his milk. Finally I thought our problems were solved.

We were very lucky the first time around with Gracie the only problem she had was colic which was easily treated and although it was a pain we knew what the problem was and coped with it. She slept through the night from 5 weeks old and once she was more mobile the colic disappeared completely.

Well since changing Zachs milk there has been a big improvement with his skin it no longer irritates him and is a lot less inflamed. He still has problems with his belly though struggling to empty his bowels (politest way i could think to describe it) and when he does its certainly not pleasant. The major problem now though is the constant crying! Once he starts there is no comforting him, no matter how you hold him, rock him, cuddle him. He has the most heart wrenching, painful cry and when that is all I hear constantly whilst failing to settle him it really makes me doubt my parenting ability. I had a discussion with some friends a while back and suspected it was reflux but then he started chewing on things all the time so I thought I was over reacting and that he was just teething. The last week or so has been worse than ever his screaming is worse hes throwing up all the time, only a small amount of sick each time and sometimes just water, but all the signs of reflux are there. I might be wrong I'm certainly not a professional but theres only so many times I can lie with my baby while he cries himself to sleep in my arms and crying myself for no reason in front of my kids due to the sleep deprivation.

Hopefully in the next few days I'll be receiving a baby carrier to borrow from a friend to see if it helps and I will be making a visit to the doctor to try and get some medication to try him on. When my boy is not in pain he is so happy all of the time, always giggling, smiling and chatting away to us all and I can't wait to have my baby happy and pain free for good :).

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  1. So sad to hear your baby boy zach (beautiful name I too have a Zak) is getting distressed I hope you manage to find out what causing it....it's very upsetting ..my son Zak had colic very bad. so I know how hard in can be....I hope it all gets sorted soon x

  2. Can't offer any helpful advice above what you have already mentioned but just wanted you to know I am thinking of you, hang in there xx

  3. My little boy has reflux and he chews his fists off! Joseph just cried and it was so tiring. He is on Ranitadine and Enfamil ar milk so is much better but we still have hard times but at least it isnt contantly. Please look at my posts as I go into more detail on symptoms http://lovebeingamummy.blogspot.co.uk/#uds-search-results

  4. sorry the link wont work. Type reflux in search and they all appear! Im on twitter @LoveBeingMummy3 if you want to chat x