Pancake Day

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Growing up my favourite day of the year was pancake day. Forget Christmas, birthdays and Easter, the magic left those occasions the day we realised Santa and the easter bunny weren't real. Who can resist a plate full of delicious pancakes with a mixture of yummy toppings chucked in!

Me and my brother used to get so excited and would have a competition each year to see who could eat the most, usually ending in one of us feeling ill and my mum saying its our own fault for being greedy. Our poor mum would be stood cooking them all until we were done. The kitchen counter would be full of sauces, ice cream, whipped cream, melted chocolate and of course the traditional lemon and sugar. Oh should really add we were teenagers at this point my Mum didn't just feed us junk all the time especially as kids. ( Don't want to get shouted at if she reads this ;) )

This year I'm taking the kids to my mums as its become a tradition now although I don't think I'll be letting Gracie have anywhere near the amount I used to have and she'll be having fruit with hers! I think she will just enjoy doing the mixing and eating all the pieces of banana.

For me it'll just be sugar, lemon and maybe some fudge sauce. I think I'm entitled to a day off the diet aren't I? What will be in yours?

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  1. Lemon and sugar for me too, cant beat the classic! Kids like theirs with banana, strawberries and a spoonful of icecream :)