Learn to read with the Alphablocks volume 1 review

Thursday, February 28, 2013

When I seen that Abbey Home Media  were looking for bloggers to review some of their upcoming titles I couldn't contain my excitement. They are the company that brings you many of the popular childrens television programmes at the minute such as Cloudbabies, Timmy Time, Little Princess,  Horrid Henry and many more! The DVD which they offered us was the popular CBeebies show Alphablocks, Learn to read with the Alphablocks Phonics First Steps Volume 1. I was very happy with this choice as me and my partner had been speaking just days before about how we would attempt to teach Gracie the alphabet as she has mastered numbers and shapes already.

The Alphablocks are 26 living letters who fall out of the sky and discover that if they hold hands and make a word, it magically comes to life. The DVD features 18  three-minute long episodes and comes with a free Alphablocks alphabet poster which is fantastic to put on your child's bedroom wall for practicing before bedtime. The poster features pictures off each Alphablock in alphabetical order with  the phonetic sound and an example of a word beginning with that letter under each of them. For example under a it says ' a is for apple: aaaaa!'

The DVD also features a parental guide which explains how phonics work and how you can use the episodes to help your child while they learn to read. This will be perfect for parents of pre school children who want to teach children basic reading skills.

When the DVD arrived Gracie spotted it straight away and just wouldn't wait for me to finish washing up to watch it so I popped it on for her to watch while I finished the dishes. All I could hear was her trying to sing the theme tune and making noises while watching it. I could tell when an episode ended as she'd run into me shouting 'more alphabloks mummy!' and repeating the new sounds she'd learnt while watching that episode until she would hear the next one starting and quickly run away again.

When I walked back in to join her she was leaning over Zach teaching him the letters R and S because they seem to be her favourites. She loves how the letter R looks like a pirate! Zach of course
being 4 months old, couldn't care less and just laughed at Gracie paying him attention it was lovely to see. So to make her happy I put sat him in his chair next to hers so they could watch together. I was quite shocked at how quickly she picked up some of the sounds although she is still too young to understand what the alphabet means it is helping her to understand the letters and sounds in preparation for school and helping her to pronounce simple words properly. The first day it arrived she watched the DVD three times! and has watched it most days since at least once. There has been a very noticeable improvement in her speech although it was very good to begin with, but her pronunciation is much better. She can recognise a few letters from looking at books and points them out to us at reading time. I would definitely recommend this DVD for parents with small children looking to teach them phonics.

The DVD is available now at most retailers.

I was sent the product free of charge for review but all views and opinions are my own.

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