Cloth Bum Mum..and proud!

Monday, January 28, 2013

For a while now we've been experimenting with cloth nappies. We now finally have enough nappies to use cloth full time. I've noticed there seems to be the same reaction every time I say to a person that we use reusable nappies the 'oh you're brave' comment. It's as if you dont deal with the same nasty surprises in a disposable nappy! I was kind of put off at first from mentioning to anyone that we use them but this last week I've decided to forget what other people say and show off my little cloth bum baby!

I think the problem with reusable nappies is there are so many different brands and types that it can be a bit daunting. I know I didn't know where to start but by picking up different brands and types to try out I've found the ones that are perfect for us. Zach has very sensitive skin and had constant nappy rash using disposable nappies and wipes but thanks to our cloth nappies and cheeky wipes we have no more soreness. Just one extra washing load a week for a happy smiley baby made it definitely worth the switch for me...

And how cute does he look in his newest nappy?!

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