Pushchairs: Easywalker Sky: My First Impression

Friday, December 14, 2012

Before I had children I saw a pushchair as just something you use to push a baby around in. I knew nothing about the world of different pushchair brands and models. So when I was pregnant with Gracie I went into my local mothercare with my mum and bought the huge impractical overpriced travel system the member of staff told me was amazing, needless to say i hated it! The parcel shelf had to be removed and the wheels taken off to fit it in the car and if I dared to venture anywhere on the bus it was a fight to park it in the pushchair section.

Since that major mistake i've discovered lots of review websites my favourite being Pushchair Trader. Through sites like this I have to admit I've become a bit of a pramaholic! I love to put my babies in stylish comfortable pushchairs and we have tried a fair few!

Earlier this year when I found out I was pregnant with Zach I spotted a photo competition on the Easywalker facebook page so I entered not expecting to win anything. Then next thing I know I had won their big prize, an Easywalker Sky! 

I have to say of all the pushchairs I've owned this is by far my favourite. I couldnt wait until zach arrived to have a play so I built it up straight away and made the most of the few sunny days this summer testing it out with Gracie. She was very impressed by it, there is lots of space for a toddler in the roomy seat unit and the air wheels make it perfect to steer in any weather. I'm hoping for some snow this winter so I can really test the wheels! The seat unit is very easy to remove and a pair of maxi-cosi adapters can be used on the frame to attach a baby carseat which has been perfect since Zach arrived. The basket is also a great size and has come in very handy with all the christmas shopping we've been doing lately. The only downside I've found to this pushchair is it cant be folded with one hand, well I haven't managed to anyway! Apart from that this pushchair is as near to perfect as I've found so far and has a definite thumbs up from both the chunks!

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  1. wow! looks great, getting a pushchair can be such a pain but looks like you've managed to get a good one here - and won it too! looking forward to hearing your thoughts on other things too!

  2. Gracie looks so cute in this - and has lots of growing room too.

  3. Loving the name, you do realise your children may well in the future extract bribes from you, for calling them such names ;)

    You are a lucky Mummy indeed, a pigeon pair and beautiful they both are too!
    I too had chunky babies, Edward my youngest was 10lb5.

    Love the look of the pushchair you have, looks like it is built to last, looking forward to reading more of lifes adventures, for Mummy and the Chunks x